Why Bush Bound Gonarezhou


Your Guide, Doug Macdonald

Doug is a Professional Safari Guide in Zimbabwe, and for over 20 years he has been guiding safaris in Zimbabwe and across Africa. He brings all this valuable, first-hand experience to your safari.

Your Host, Shayne Templer

Shayne has managed a variety of safari camps in Zimbabwe over the last 10 years. She will make sure you are made to feel very welcome, and that everything behind the scenes goes to plan, even when the monkeys have pinched the sandwiches from the kitchen, the show will go on! 

The Team Behind the Scenes

There is a lot that goes on to make sure all goes to plan for you before and during your safari. We are a  team of very experienced people headed by Tricia Bays to help design and plan your safari for Gonarezhou and whatever other destinations that you would like to include in your safari, complete with all the flights and transfer planning.  


Why Gonarezhou?

Gonarezhou is a real wilderness experience with few other vehicles, great camps in beautiful locations, all combined with a wonderful variety and density of wildlife. The park also has  incredible scenery and views so you will certainly feel the size and wildness of this amazing destination.  Being such a vast park makes it perfect for long stay safaris and people wanting to explore a few different areas. 

The Dry Season

Dry Season Safaris run from May to November – these are the most frequently used months for safari, as the bush dries out, visibility gets better and the animal activity can get quite concentrated around the larger pans and main rivers. – October and November can be very hot, however you may experience the start of the rains which is also an excellent time to visit – watching the transformation of the parched wilderness is quite a sight to see.

The Green Season

Green Season Safaris run from December to April – parts of Gonarezhou are inaccessible at this time, however it is a beautiful time of the year, and if your interests are varied then it is a great time to visit.  There are generally lots of baby animals around, many species of migrant birds will be arriving, seasonal pans and rivers fill with water, and the vegetation transforms into a lush Eden. The added bonus is there will be fewer other people around, so it will be like having a whole park to yourself – what’s not to like?

Getting There

Air Transfers from Harare, Victoria Falls, Hwange or Bulawayo are possible, as well as transfers by road from Harare or Bulawayo. Alternatively, you could self-drive to Gonarezhou and we will meet you at one of the parks designated main entry points e.g. Chipinda Pools. We can quote this all based on your travel routes and numbers of people.

Safari Activities

 A usual day on safari includes a combination of game drives in an open safari vehicle, and bush walks. There is no night driving in Gonarezhou. Each day has no set agenda, we try and keep everything as flexible as possible to get the best from what is happening on any day, and focused around what your particular interests are.

How Many Nights?

There is no exact answer to this, however as a minimum we would suggest 4 nights – after that, how long do you have? We can plan a safari for you in a combination of areas for any number of nights. Please get in touch, we would love to discuss and plan the safari best suited for you!